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09-17-2015 9:04:12 PM CST
Party time in Watersmeet in Oct.hope to see you all there!God bless you all Amen.

Pat & Cheryl   oquendopat@hotmail.com
08-24-2015 4:53:11 PM CST
We really enjoyed you all in Bowler, WI, you are always as young and energetic as the very first time we saw you in Denver so many years ago. How is it that you all never age but we do, there is such an inequity in that. You do make us feel young again, until we get on the dance floor and realize our stamina is not what it was. We really enjoyed visiting with you and as Sarah said, you never know where we will show up again!! Travel safely

07-24-2015 3:13:05 PM CST
Sorry we missed you at Breezy Passion! We just could not make it during the week. We hope you are in Texas again in February 2016! We will keep an eye out for your locations!! Ruby

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
07-05-2015 10:33:09 PM CST
Hey folks I will be at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee Monday morning at 5:30 A.M.with Tim ex drummer from Passion.He is having surgery on his chest and it sounds pretty serious.Say some prayers please!Surgery to last maybe 6 hrs.My phone is 2624988897 .Call about 11am Ill try to have answers.

Rocky,Meganand Adam   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
04-08-2015 3:35:29 PM CST
Its time for Passion and good Friends at the Groove in Bowler!See you all there!Drive safe!Like Mike said; (it never gets old!)

Mike & Judy
03-28-2015 4:53:06 PM CST
Ya know, it never gets old(except us). This band is really amazing! If you never heard or saw them your missing the best entertainment around. Can't wait to see them again. And Becky,Maryanne we missed you. There was nobody there to keep Larry under control!! LOL.. He tried to walk out without doing his J C routine but we still love him because he came back and was great....Miss you all.. till next time...Mike & Judy

Donna and Tom
03-26-2015 11:05:51 AM CST
It was a fantastic weekend with Passion and all of our great friends. Good to see every one and hope it will be real soon again. Love you all Tom and Donna

03-25-2015 12:07:46 AM CST
Another great weekend with Passion and Friends;the Island Casino is always awesome!

02-28-2015 2:08:15 AM CST
I was sure looking forward to Pistol Petes;to bad!And Watersmeet!See you all somewhere God bless you all.

jeff tesar from Cleveland ohio
01-17-2015 2:17:03 AM CST
Hey passion group i went and saw you at Holiday inn Rockside and you guys are awsome I play with Eddie and the Edsels and Time Traxx i am there backup drummer my name is Jeff Tesar I can be found on Facebook take care and see you soon

01-14-2015 6:12:01 PM CST
No, Rocky, I was rooting for the Packers. Why would you think I would be rooting for the Cowboys?

01-13-2015 11:04:35 AM CST
Congrats to Sarah and Tom on the Ohio State Win !

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
01-11-2015 5:52:26 PM CST
Had a great time with Passion and friends this weekend;its always fun!Hey Ron are you a Seattle fan next week?The Dallas beat down of THE PACK never happened!

12-08-2014 12:52:55 PM CST
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all;Ihope to make it to Escanaba in January see you there!May God bless you all!

Tom and Donna
11-25-2014 2:48:06 PM CST
Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
11-22-2014 2:45:54 PM CST
Missed you too Jan;hope Kevin is recovering fast!Merry Christmas to Passion and all the wonderful friends of Passion!Hope to see you all in January at the Island!

Jan   Jkcummings@hotmail.com
11-17-2014 9:47:00 PM CST
Missed seeing you all this past weekend! See you in January. Safe travels to all.

Mister Party
10-14-2014 11:35:49 AM CST
We missed you Rocky. Had the whole gang there. I can't make Watersmeet or Bowler in Nov. Weddings on both dates. Don't know when I will see you again. Call me some time.

10-10-2014 10:51:24 AM CST
Hi all! It was great to see you again in Hinckley. Thanks for a pleasant evening - wish we could have stayed longer!

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
10-08-2014 9:16:55 AM CST
Dear friends we cant make it to Harris this weekend ;Adams girlfriend Sarahs mother is in Hospice!Hope to see you in Watersmeet!God be with and have a great time with the best band in the land PASSION!

Mike & Angie
10-04-2014 2:31:48 AM CST
Had a great time in Hinckley. You guys were awesome as usual !! Thanks for making it a great anniversary getaway with all the shout outs to us !! Sarah knows how to get Mike on the dancefloor. Lol. Had a great time with our new friends !! Til we see you again !

Mister Party
08-18-2014 4:49:21 PM CST
You said it Rocky!! what a fantastic time. Hope Ron is feeling better. Don't know how we do it. But always seem to top our previous time spent with Passion. Always look forward to the next meeting to see what happens and who we meet. Take care everyone and see you next time.

08-17-2014 8:25:52 PM CST
Passion was hot this weekend and Sarah was off the charts!Wow what a show are we blessed or what?

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
08-11-2014 9:32:33 PM CST
I hope to see a lot of friends in Bowler this weekend;going to see the best band in the land! PASSIONcant wait!!!!!!!!!

Mister Party
07-08-2014 1:28:15 PM CST
Had a great time as always watching Passion perform. Got two surprises Sat. night. We left Campground with motor home and went down to Riverside Casino to stay there for the night. When we pulled in saw to rigs that looked familiar. Yup it was some of my relation on there way back home from there vacation in Colorado. Decided to swing in and see us and Passion. Number two surprise was when Ron got me up to sing my song. Wasn't expecting that. Thanks buddy. See you in Bowler.

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