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01-01-2019 6:16:14 PM CST
Dean and wife are so unfriendly especially at Hinkley and when they go to Breezy point. This is a fact.

10-12-2018 10:14:47 PM CST
You guys are good, but a 45 minute break at impulse is way too long

Jack and Maryann
08-05-2018 11:34:39 AM CST
Hey guys see ya at SPI Sept 18. New song suggestion.. Despacito See ya soon, Aka. Sugar Land

Artis White
05-06-2018 7:33:11 PM CST
Enjoyed you guys this,weekend, we had an awesome time. Thank you!

Sugar Land
03-14-2018 10:27:22 AM CST
Hey guys, see ya in September at Isla Grand.. Be safe.

03-13-2018 10:22:38 PM CST
Does any one know what happened to all the Keshena dates

Rodney L Theilman
10-26-2017 7:30:40 PM CST
We will you see all in Keshena,drive carefull eveyrone.Adam,Jesse and Rocky.

Rodney L Theilman
10-26-2017 7:30:13 PM CST
We will you see all in Keshena,drive carefull eveyrone.Adam,Jesse and Rocky.

06-23-2017 7:48:53 PM CST

Hello we have a special bachelorette party tonight! Could wh please get a special shout out?! Her name is Megan!

Tee Greeson
06-05-2017 10:50:43 AM CST
Hey, totally awesome band!! Can't wait till you're back in August! Have a great summer. As always Tee from oc, md

Terry Gonzales
10-20-2016 10:59:05 PM CST
Missing you guys 😍. Can't wait till you come down to the quarterdeck at ssour parse Really enjoy your music .Sarth makes it so much fun. Thanks, see you in November.

Mike & Angie
10-11-2016 10:18:18 AM CST
We had so much fun seeing you in Ohio. Thanks for making us feel special with all the shoutouts. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday ! The drive isn't that far, so we may have to do it again sometime.

08-03-2016 10:21:23 AM CST

Hate that you guys won't be at Isla Grand over Labor Day.. Maybe catch you in November.. See ya later, Sugar Land couple

Jim Wingate
07-19-2016 1:22:44 PM CST
Dear Passion, It is with a sad heart that I notify your group of the passing of one of your biggest fans. Ann Elizabeth Wingate of Gulfport, Miss. passed away on July 17, 2016 after her 16 year battle with cancer. Kathy, Margaret,Jimmy, and the whole family are grieving over the lost of one so full of life. I am sorry to inform you of this via message but I did not have any other way of communicating with the group. We all loved Ann and enjoyed the tie we had together during these times in Mississippi during your performance. Thank you for all the fun and joy you bring to us and to Ann.

06-19-2016 11:34:49 AM CST

Hello there.... I just saw you are here in Ocean City Md..... I had filmed you up at the Clarion several years ago.... we did an all night film session of you guys doing a bunch of songs... glad you guys are still around doing what you do..

04-03-2016 4:21:18 PM CST
I remember Sarah Ron And AL and you had 2 other girls with your group thank sang along with sarah.

04-03-2016 4:18:32 PM CST
I was wondering if I can purchase your cd. I had one but somehow someone stole it and I found your websight. I remember you when you played at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point under Larry Zenoff as owner and Bruce holbright was in charge of hiring the band. That holiday Inn is no longer there.Please let me know how to get one. Thank you. Mike Rogers.

02-08-2016 9:22:11 AM CST
Love the new look!🌟

01-06-2016 6:33:30 PM CST
It's Wednesday already. Another great weekend With the greatest band ever and friendship. It was so nice seeing all the friends I have met thru the band. Miss everyone already. See everyone in March if not sooner. Love and Hugs.

01-01-2016 3:08:38 PM CST
Cant make it again Adam and Magan are sick.Adams got a colan infection.May be next time in Bowler enjoy the shows Rocky

10-27-2015 7:04:37 PM CST
We cant make it to Watersmeet my car took a digger,maybe New Years.Have fun and drive carefull.

10-20-2015 3:50:05 PM CST
Got reservations at the Pine Aire Motel on hwy.45 Megan and I see you all in 2 weeks .Hi suesue.

09-17-2015 9:04:12 PM CST
Party time in Watersmeet in Oct.hope to see you all there!God bless you all Amen.

Pat & Cheryl
08-24-2015 4:53:11 PM CST
We really enjoyed you all in Bowler, WI, you are always as young and energetic as the very first time we saw you in Denver so many years ago. How is it that you all never age but we do, there is such an inequity in that. You do make us feel young again, until we get on the dance floor and realize our stamina is not what it was. We really enjoyed visiting with you and as Sarah said, you never know where we will show up again!! Travel safely

07-24-2015 3:13:05 PM CST
Sorry we missed you at Breezy Passion! We just could not make it during the week. We hope you are in Texas again in February 2016! We will keep an eye out for your locations!! Ruby

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