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Mary Ann
01-01-2012 6:04:27 PM CST
Mike and Judy, Don't know how to reach you but we truly missed you on Friday and Saturday night!!! Happy New Year!!!

01-01-2012 5:43:08 PM CST
Thanks for a great time Passion. I can't think of a better way to close out the New year then with you guys. Be safe and hope the good Lord keeps all my Passion family safe.

Amy & Paul
01-01-2012 10:48:51 AM CST
Happy New Year to all our Passion Friends!! We will be seeing you all soon!

12-25-2011 12:13:35 PM CST
I went up to escanaba on 16th and 17th of dec.and saw the best band inthe land;and some members of our PASSION family!It was a great two days.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All. Thanks Sarah for the nice card and wonderfull letter.

12-22-2011 11:06:33 AM CST
Just A Holiday wish to greatest Band and people that are close to me. Have a Merry Christmas Passion.

Jayne Mackowiak
12-15-2011 1:25:51 PM CST
We had a fabulous time at SPI this past November. Great weather, great friends, great food....and GREAT MUSIC! All was good, except when I spilled my drink on the dancefloor. LOL Thanks for the fun and friendship!!! Jayne and Karen

ANN/KATHY   anngate322@att.net
11-21-2011 9:46:09 AM CST
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL! Many good wishes to a very special guy. Hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

Mary Ann
10-20-2011 11:42:41 AM CST
Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that as usual myself and Traci had a great time last week-end in Keshena with the Passion Family. My daughter Julie and her friend Linda also enyoyed the band when they could find time to get away from the Blackjack tables. Take care and I hope all got home safely!

10-05-2011 10:28:26 AM CST
Passion is absolutely the best band that plays at Hinckley ā€“ my experience of (6) ā€“ 3-day weekends for the past 11 years of seeing bands there. The music is super because of the musical talent of all the band members. Last weekend I saw 8 sets and I enjoyed every minute and only wish I could have been there more. Sarah is fabulous ā€“ so much fun with her talk, singing, dancing on stage and with visitors on the floor. She was so nice to say hi to and never is vulgar in talk or dance. What a fantastic person! Iā€™m always telling others to see Passion in Minnesota.

08-31-2011 11:40:50 AM CST
We had a great time in SPI dancing to your band and doing the electric slide. Dorothy and Janet.

dean   flatbed04@aol.com
08-14-2011 7:05:53 AM CST
Just thought I would say to Sandy.............. really enjoyed seeing you at Breezy and you did really good job with the flute and also the vocals I have some pictures that I took if you are interested let me know and I will email them to you

Sandy & Terry   gigginggirl@yahoo.com
08-10-2011 8:41:12 PM CST
Hi guys! We hope you survived your LONG trip to Texas! We had a great time hanging out with you at Breezy. You sounded amazing, as always. Bye for now, drop us a line sometime!

Mary Ann
08-02-2011 1:24:19 PM CST
HI all you Passion Lovers! I'm all moved and I thought I'd never get done packing. So all is well. I leave for Colorado and Arizona next week for a month and then will be looking forward to seeing all of you in Keshena in September Hope everyone is doing fine!

07-28-2011 8:57:51 AM CST
Well we made it home safe this morning, as always we had a great time again last night, and my friend Matt is wanting to come with us again to another show, it was so nice to see and hear you again, I was going through some "Passion" withdrawals LOL I will be planning our next trip to see you all again Enjoy your time at Breezy Point.

Rudy & Karen
07-07-2011 7:57:15 AM CST
We will see you guys this weekend at Danbury. The storm that went thru last Friday changed the the looks around there. Alot of trees down and power outages.

Becky Sue   rsso97@hotmail.com
06-28-2011 8:56:56 PM CST
Such a great time with all of you.Thanks Sarah for always letting me sing with you alittle.Your the best!I will miss all of you.See You in Sept.

Mike & Angie
06-27-2011 10:17:24 AM CST
Thank you for the great time at Hinckley. We always have a blast when we come out to see you. Can't wait until next time!!

06-13-2011 11:54:47 PM CST
You guys are totally awesome! Caught you at the Banana Split Fest on Saturday night. Wow! Best band I've ever seen there or anywhere else. Thanks for the show and good luck to you guys!

Mike & Judy
05-16-2011 11:18:07 AM CST
Had A great time up in the UP.. yup.. Island Casino that is..As always,with good friends and good music.Hey Ron, I've been that route with 12 volt wiring and numerous tire problems on my trailers in the past and dealing with so called experts in the field that really don't know sh.. about anything including dealing with people. So keep yer powder dry and we'll see you in the near future..... Mike and Judy

05-13-2011 9:04:17 PM CST
Ron that was quite the story about your trailer and tire. Next time bring it to E & K Auto, I heard they have excellent customer service. LOL Had a great time, wish you all were back here sooner than December. Safe travels to you all.

Becky Sue
05-11-2011 6:37:03 PM CST
Thanks again for 3 nights of great fun.Always love seeing all of you.See you in June.

Jan Cummings   jkcummings@hotmail.com
05-01-2011 4:12:45 PM CST
Have a safe trip to the U.P! Sarah hope your Birthday was great.

Amy   Oudance00@aol.com
05-01-2011 7:02:11 AM CST
Passions! Thank you for making our trip to south padre so much fun! I had an awesome time celebrating our bdays together Sara! If you ever come to Charlotte u will have to let us know.

Amy   Oudance00@aol.com
05-01-2011 7:02:11 AM CST
Passions! Thank you for making our trip to south padre so much fun! I had an awesome time celebrating our bdays together Sara! If you ever come to Charlotte u will have to let us know.

Patrick & Cheryl Oqu   oquendopat@hotmail.com
04-30-2011 9:30:12 PM CST
My little picture got left off, boo hoo,,,,so here it is

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