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About PASSION      

Sensational Sarah Linn and the fabulous Rillera Brothers - Al and Ron, are the original members of the marvelous and extraordinarily talented group PASSION.  these personable entertainers provide some of the most exciting, fun, and memorable "live" performances you will ever experience!

Sarah Linn   The centerpiece and dynamic front person extraordinaire of PASSION and one of the nation's most soulful, exciting, energetic and outstanding vocalist/entertainers is Sarah LinnHer ability to soar with her extended vocal range and move from one genre of music to another effortlessly and with authenticity has awed and amazed audiences nationwide.  Sarah is from a large, devoutly religious family, a native southeast Ohioan, born and raised in small town Waterford, on the dairy farm her family owns and operates.  Her talent to sing was cultivated in church and at family gatherings performing along with several of her musically talented siblings.  She also plays the keyboards, guitar, and drums.  Sarah performed with a local rock group while attending college, first at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, in Steubenville, Ohio, and later at "the" Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio.  She graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Mathematics.  While vacationing in Galveston, Texas, during the summer after her graduation, she caught a PASSION performance at the iconic Hotel Galvez, where she introduced herself to Ron, who happened to be looking for a new female lead vocalist.  Upon returning home to Ohio, she sent Ron a demo, which impressed him so much he quickly offered her the position.  She flew into Houston, Texas, a few days later to join the group, and after a few rehearsals performed her first gig with them there.  She now resides with her husband Tom in the small "Great Lakes" city of Marquette, which is located in the upper peninsula of Michigan (the UP), on the sparkling shores of cold but beautiful Lake Superior.  While at home she performs, singing and playing guitar, at her church services and functions, as well as at her hometown church in Waterford, Ohio, whenever she is back at the farm.

Al    At age seventeen super talented keyboardist/bass guitarist and vocalist Al, left home in Washington D.C., and headed for New York City, where he performed at various nightclubs with local bands before joining a nationally touring group based out of the Big Apple.  After several years of touring success, he too, finally ended up in Las Vegas.  After making the desert oasis his home he was again bitten by the road bug and hit the highways performing with, and being the musical director of several touring bands, including a major "Las Vegas Strip" headliner.  He performed throughout North America, including Alaska and Canada, and his travels even brought him to the island paradise of Hawaii.  After several more tours he decided to stop the traveling altogether in order to continue his formal music education at the internationally renowned Grove School of Music, located at that time in the San Fernando valley area of Los Angeles, adding film/television scoring, orchestral arranging and conducting, and Jazz improvisation to his burgeoning musical repertoire.  After graduating, he returned to Las Vegas and eventually back on the road again.  He was performing at a major casino in Atlantic City, New jersey, when brother Ron called with an invitation to join his newly reformed group PASSION.  Al was enthused about working with his brother again (they first played together in a high-school rock band) and when his contractual obligations in Atlantic City ended, he left to join PASSIONHe continues his personal musical growth with Jazz improvisation studies, "live" performances, and with his own recording studio projects.

Ron   is the leader, keyboard/guitarist, one of three lead vocalists, and founding member of PASSION.  As a young teen the California keyboard phenom joined a San Francisco bay area R & B/Funk band and began songwriting and arranging music.  The group toured predominately throughout California and Las Vegas, Nevada, and recorded and released three singles on an Indy label, receiving heavy airplay in the bay area, and reaching interested ears in Los Angeles.  A side project for Ron, was arranging and recording music for an album by a Grammy Award winning Gospel music group.  The "interested ears" in Los Angeles led to a lucrative recording contract for the band with iconic Capitol Records.  They recorded and released their first full album, charting on the Billboard Hot 100, and experiencing minor national and international success.  The promising start was followed by tours with major artists, international performances, significant radio airplay, and national television appearances.  Unfortunately, during the recording of their second album the group disbanded.  This was an unfortunate turn of events since Ron was the group's primary songwriter.  After the breakup, Ron accepted a keyboardist position with a touring band.  Two years later he formed his own new touring group PASSION.  Whenever he could, he continued to record, doing sessions in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Bridgeport, Madison, the San Francisco bay area, and Las Vegas, eventually making Las Vegas his primary residence, even though most of the time he was touring with PASSION After hearing new songs he had written and recorded with PASSION, Capitol Records once again offered a record deal, but he and the label were not able to agree on terms.  He is still touring, writing, recording, and enjoying his life as a musician.