Guys, are you having a problem understanding what your woman is trying to say to you?  This is a simple guide for all of the fellas out there who have been coming to me with complaints about their relationships. This advice is not meant for men that are in a "brand new" relationship or for those fellas involved with a woman whose primary objective and ultimate goal is to get him to marry her.  Those kinds of girls will say anything you want to hear and will do anything to please you in order to meet their objective.  Fellas in those types of relationships will ultimately need to read this page "after" they have been maneuvered into the ties that bind.  This short but simple "guide" is for the guys that are already knee deep in a long term relationship with someone special or who have made that big critical step into married life.
First of all fellas, in order to avoid any problems you must know what your woman is really saying to you so you don't get into those "situations" in the first place.  Learn to make the "correct" choices in your relationship by understanding a few simple words, or catch-phrases, or more specifically, "Women's Code."  And, no matter what else you do, when your woman is speaking at least pretend you are listening.
Good luck fellas, and when in doubt always remember to ask yourself this crucial question...
Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?

Yes, you might call it kissing butt, but at least you get to pick the booty.  Choose wisely!
Alright, here are the five key things women say - "Women's Code."

This is the word women use
to end an argument when they
know they are right and that
you need to shut up

This means SOMETHING  
and you should be wary.
This is a dare, not permission.
This is a woman's way of  
saying FORGET YOU.
"THAT'S OK..."
She is thinking long and hard
on HOW and WHEN you will
pay for your mistake.
Good luck with your relationships, fellas, and may I suggest checking out
Fast Eddie's "Beer Troubleshooting" page on this web site if things don't work out?

    "Call me...   ...maybe."