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Mike & Judy
04-28-2010 10:12:39 AM CST
Hey! Whats better then being with friends and listening to Passion two nights in a row??? Yes... three nights in a row!!! But we'll See you all up in the UP after the Best Band on the planet gets back from the Island.Damn thats such a long time from now.Anyway Judy & I love ya all and so does God............Later M&J

Mike & Angie   amrad1967@yahoo.com
04-26-2010 8:34:06 PM CST
We had an awesome time listening to you again. Love hearing you play. Can't wait until next time.

Tom & Donna   dtltzr@charter.net
04-26-2010 1:08:16 PM CST
We had a wonderful time with Passion and all our friends. Happy Birthday again to all.Thanks Passion for the great music for all of us party animals. Hey Al and Ron do you need a pillow and a blanket, only kidding,lol.We are looking forward to the next time we can party with you.

Becky   rsso97@hotmail.com
04-26-2010 9:45:35 AM CST
Another great weekend with all of you.Thanks for inviteing us to join you for Brunch Sunday.Its always so hard to say good by to you.Hope to see soon.Love you so Much.

Dean   flatbed04@aol.com
04-23-2010 4:11:13 PM CST
Just wanted to say I again came to see your show at Black Bear on Sunday and yet again I was really pleased to see the show again and I have been spreading your name to all my friends about how great the music is that you all play. Sarah, I came up to you after the show and asked about any music cd's of the band, I would think that alot of people would be interested in them if you had them. Hopefully you will think about getting some in the future Have a great day and if not before I will see you at Turtle Lake on July 3rd.

Mr, Party (Uncle Larry)
04-09-2010 1:08:47 PM CST
Just feeling a little down today so went on your site and looked at all the pics from the past and listened to your music. Don't know what I would do with out you guys. Can't wait to see you on the 22nd of this month. Love you guys

Rudy & Karen
04-05-2010 3:31:13 PM CST
Hi guys. The new photo's are great. Can't wait to see you at Black Bear

Mary Ann
04-02-2010 12:14:16 PM CST
Hi Ron, Sarah, Al, and Tim! Just wanted to let you know I am going through some serious "PASSION" withdrawal I hope everyone is doing well especially Sarah's mom and Ron and Al's dad. I prayed for them a lot after I saw you in Escanaba before Christmas.Will see you all in Keshena and I can't wait. Hugs and Kisses to all.

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
03-27-2010 9:19:24 PM CST
The new photos are very nice! Thanks for four great nights of entertainment in escanaba. Hope to see you in Keshena. Thanks again to PASSION!

Rocky & Jan   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
03-09-2010 1:14:50 PM CST

Hope all is well with everyone & can't wait to see you guys in Escanaba next week!

Coleen Orwoll   coleen.orwoll@gmail.com
02-24-2010 6:04:23 PM CST
Hi Sarah, Al, Ron & Tim It was great to see you in Hinckley in January. You make us feel like it was just "last week" since the last visit! It doesn't seem possible that we started our venture so many years ago! Darrell, Arlene & Coleen

02-23-2010 8:18:40 AM CST
We enjoyed the show at Black Bear. You deserve a packed room--the sound balance of your music is awesome--the singing very clear, which is hard in that room. We'll be there when you're back in April for another wonderful music experience!! All our best.

02-22-2010 2:16:36 PM CST
Passion, I was at Black Bear last night and seen your show, I came up and talked with Ron at the end of the night, I had seen you at Grand Casino in Hinckley, and really loved the show. I decided to come see you again, even though there wasn't a huge crowd there last night you still did a great job. I will be coming to see you again back at Black Bear, Grand Casino, and also Turtle Lake Casino. Sarah I like the way that you mingle with the crowd, I also wanted to comment on your website very nice and informative, I would highly recommend your Band to everyone.

01-12-2010 4:00:47 PM CST
Best wishes to Mr. Rillera for a speedy recovery. Remember, the nurses are eye candy only, and you have to eat the food. You will be in our prayers.

Mary Ann
12-23-2009 12:32:19 PM CST
Hi Ron, Al, Sarah, and Tim, Just a note to let you know I got home safely after party time with the Passion Family. My Prayers are with the four of you and your families for a Happy and Healthy New Year

12-22-2009 10:11:16 PM CST
Another Year celebrating my Birthday with all of you.Oh how I am blessed to have you in my life.I have to learn some songs just in case Im called on again.I wasnt prepared for that.Love you all.

Mr. Party
12-22-2009 7:06:33 PM CST

Well Passion....I don't know about you guys but I had a fun time.But that is nothing new when I am with you. Thanks for another great time and happy holiday's.

Mr. Party
12-10-2009 6:10:44 PM CST

It was so nice to see a lot of friends and even my family who I don't see that often. Thanks again Ron and all for letting me do my thing. Hope I didn't get you guys sick. Will see you at Harris.

12-08-2009 12:59:08 PM CST
Another rockin' Saturday night with Passion at Pistol Pete's. Great seeing & dancing with everyone again! I always know I'm going to have a good time. Means a lot to me! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you and your fans!

Mike & Judy
12-07-2009 12:35:33 AM CST
Another "funtastic" time at Pistol Petes!!!!!!and that's putting it mildly! You guys never cease to amaze us!WOW!!!! Your talent and music are truly unsurpassed. And a "BIG" Thanks to Pete and Tina his manager for making sure everyone was taken care of....The music,the place,the people..what a great night.Hope to see u guys at the Island if Judy gets her Christmas shopping done.

kevin and Jan   jkcumming@hotmail.com
12-01-2009 6:46:30 PM CST
We'll see you at the Island in December.

11-24-2009 11:52:10 PM CST
Happy Birthday Al & Congratulations Sarah on Ohio States Big 10 football championship! See you at Pistol Pete's on December 5th.

11-23-2009 10:29:57 AM CST
Happy Birthday Al!! Have a great Birthday and we will see all of you the end of January!

Joyce O'Brien
11-15-2009 8:19:11 PM CST
Hi Ron/Passion, just dropping in to say hi and to belatedly tell you guys how great it was to see you in Vicksburg last May. Danny and I had a lot of fun. Any possibility of getting closer to Maryland than Mississippi in 2010?

ANN   little1pig@bellsouth.net
11-04-2009 7:20:12 AM CST
The Black Bear rocked for Halloween. The costumes were the best I've ever seen, and the music was awesome. Thanks PASSION! We made it to the Mall of America, and the first, second, third and fourth jet took off at 5am this morning. Gezzz! Ron, why didn't you tell me Eagles soar here; I'm the first in the family to say I have killed one. The bird was walking down I-35, then took flight right into the front of the car. I tried to miss him but no luck. First Eagle I've ever seen. At first I thought I hit a turkey but the guy who stopped at the BP station with us said it was an Eagle. No damage to the car but I was sure upset I killed that majestic but stupid bird. That's what I get for wearing a costume w/ feathers. Maybe the Ameristar will send us an invitation to the NYE party. If not, we'll try to see you guys at Riverside next year. Last stop is St.Louis before heading back to Knoxville. Hope you all and your families have a great holiday season. God Bless and keep you safe.

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