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Mary Ann
08-02-2011 1:24:19 PM CST
HI all you Passion Lovers! I'm all moved and I thought I'd never get done packing. So all is well. I leave for Colorado and Arizona next week for a month and then will be looking forward to seeing all of you in Keshena in September Hope everyone is doing fine!

07-28-2011 8:57:51 AM CST
Well we made it home safe this morning, as always we had a great time again last night, and my friend Matt is wanting to come with us again to another show, it was so nice to see and hear you again, I was going through some "Passion" withdrawals LOL I will be planning our next trip to see you all again Enjoy your time at Breezy Point.

Rudy & Karen
07-07-2011 7:57:15 AM CST
We will see you guys this weekend at Danbury. The storm that went thru last Friday changed the the looks around there. Alot of trees down and power outages.

Becky Sue   rsso97@hotmail.com
06-28-2011 8:56:56 PM CST
Such a great time with all of you.Thanks Sarah for always letting me sing with you alittle.Your the best!I will miss all of you.See You in Sept.

Mike & Angie
06-27-2011 10:17:24 AM CST
Thank you for the great time at Hinckley. We always have a blast when we come out to see you. Can't wait until next time!!

06-13-2011 11:54:47 PM CST
You guys are totally awesome! Caught you at the Banana Split Fest on Saturday night. Wow! Best band I've ever seen there or anywhere else. Thanks for the show and good luck to you guys!

Mike & Judy
05-16-2011 11:18:07 AM CST
Had A great time up in the UP.. yup.. Island Casino that is..As always,with good friends and good music.Hey Ron, I've been that route with 12 volt wiring and numerous tire problems on my trailers in the past and dealing with so called experts in the field that really don't know sh.. about anything including dealing with people. So keep yer powder dry and we'll see you in the near future..... Mike and Judy

05-13-2011 9:04:17 PM CST
Ron that was quite the story about your trailer and tire. Next time bring it to E & K Auto, I heard they have excellent customer service. LOL Had a great time, wish you all were back here sooner than December. Safe travels to you all.

Becky Sue
05-11-2011 6:37:03 PM CST
Thanks again for 3 nights of great fun.Always love seeing all of you.See you in June.

Jan Cummings   jkcummings@hotmail.com
05-01-2011 4:12:45 PM CST
Have a safe trip to the U.P! Sarah hope your Birthday was great.

Amy   Oudance00@aol.com
05-01-2011 7:02:11 AM CST
Passions! Thank you for making our trip to south padre so much fun! I had an awesome time celebrating our bdays together Sara! If you ever come to Charlotte u will have to let us know.

Amy   Oudance00@aol.com
05-01-2011 7:02:11 AM CST
Passions! Thank you for making our trip to south padre so much fun! I had an awesome time celebrating our bdays together Sara! If you ever come to Charlotte u will have to let us know.

Patrick & Cheryl Oqu   oquendopat@hotmail.com
04-30-2011 9:30:12 PM CST
My little picture got left off, boo hoo,,,,so here it is

Patrick & Cheryl Oqu   oquendopat@hotmail.com
04-30-2011 9:28:53 PM CST
To Sarah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more, we just watched your "variety" video and got all goose bumped and teary eyed,,,,,sure miss all of you and hope you are well. Remember, when you least expect it, look out in the audience and we just might be there, grinning like the old forever fans that we are. God bless and love you all,

04-29-2011 9:56:05 PM CST
Happy Birthday Sarah!Hope tosee you and Passion,and all fans of Passion soon! Rocky

04-22-2011 7:14:50 PM CST
Its almost Escanaba time I hope everyone is in good health and able to be there!My best wishs go out to the lady from Keshena I hope she is O.K! LOVE PASSION! See You There! Rocky.

denise   dnsziegler@yahoo.com
03-18-2011 9:12:06 AM CST
seen you last night at grand casino hinckley. You put on a great show. That was was first time I seen you guy . Will see you again.

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
03-14-2011 5:37:49 PM CST
I went to Red Wing Minn.saturday night and introduced my good friends Ed and Rachel Parra to the best band in the land!PASSION!!!.Boy what a show!They performed four Spanish songs in 1 set for them;The Parras are now hooked just like the rest of us!Boy What a Show!Hope to see everone in Escanaba!Rocky.

Rudy & Karen
03-08-2011 4:56:51 PM CST
What a good time we had at Black Bear. It's not often that you see the "half-moon". Glad to hear you all got home safe. See you next weekend at the Island.

Becky   rsso97@hotmail.com
02-22-2011 6:54:10 PM CST
Another great weekend with Passion ,Family and great friends.Thanks for makeing us feel so special.You are all the best.Love to You.

02-22-2011 3:41:29 PM CST
Enjoyed myself immensely at Danbury. So glad I joined Becky for the trip. It's always fun meeting new friends. You can't beat "Passion" for talent and entertainment. So glad that I am getting to know them. We beat the storm home...hoping everyone got home safe. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Until then.....

Mike & Judy
02-22-2011 10:40:06 AM CST
WOW !! Another great show from the greatest band in the land!! We had A great time up in Danbury WI. Oh! I should mention you guys were GREAT!!! OK enough greats already..no,one more,all our great friends new and old thank you all for being there.And Yes the ride home was scary as I'm sure a lot of you also expierenced. That wasn't so great. Thats another story it will include snow,rain,ice,white outs,etc....But we made it safe and sound hoping and praying you did to..and we'll see you when we get there probably up in Harris....Love ya all.. Take care.....Mike & Judy

Amy & Paul   yacyyak@frontiernet.net
02-20-2011 6:40:02 PM CST

Looks like it is our turn for the Blizzard. Just thought I'd say thanks for the good time Friday night and share our storm with you & Al. I won't be shoveling anytime soon. Have a good week! Amy

Randy & Sue
02-05-2011 8:15:53 PM CST
Hey Coco & Mimi, When you come to Tama in Sept. you two are more than welcome to stay with us if you like! We have 10 acres for you to explore and romp around in. Bring your owner and the Passion gang along. We could hit some golf balls around while enjoying some food and drinks. Think about it, we'll be in touch. Missed the Riverside show due to both of us fighting the flu. Yes, we had the flu shots. You hopefully left just in time as we got 15 " of snow the day after you left. We miss you all and will try to crash a gig or two before Tama. So, save the last dance for me!

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
02-01-2011 1:41:30 PM CST
Hello Passionites!(per.Mike M.)I hope everyone is in good health and HNYear!I went to Iowa to see The Best Band in the World!Wow what a great two nights!;but it was not even close to Keshena or Escanaba with our PASSION FAMILY!Hope to see all of you there soon!Rocky.

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