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Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
01-11-2015 5:52:26 PM CST
Had a great time with Passion and friends this weekend;its always fun!Hey Ron are you a Seattle fan next week?The Dallas beat down of THE PACK never happened!

12-08-2014 12:52:55 PM CST
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all;Ihope to make it to Escanaba in January see you there!May God bless you all!

Tom and Donna
11-25-2014 2:48:06 PM CST
Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
11-22-2014 2:45:54 PM CST
Missed you too Jan;hope Kevin is recovering fast!Merry Christmas to Passion and all the wonderful friends of Passion!Hope to see you all in January at the Island!

Jan   Jkcummings@hotmail.com
11-17-2014 9:47:00 PM CST
Missed seeing you all this past weekend! See you in January. Safe travels to all.

Mister Party
10-14-2014 11:35:49 AM CST
We missed you Rocky. Had the whole gang there. I can't make Watersmeet or Bowler in Nov. Weddings on both dates. Don't know when I will see you again. Call me some time.

10-10-2014 10:51:24 AM CST
Hi all! It was great to see you again in Hinckley. Thanks for a pleasant evening - wish we could have stayed longer!

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
10-08-2014 9:16:55 AM CST
Dear friends we cant make it to Harris this weekend ;Adams girlfriend Sarahs mother is in Hospice!Hope to see you in Watersmeet!God be with and have a great time with the best band in the land PASSION!

Mike & Angie
10-04-2014 2:31:48 AM CST
Had a great time in Hinckley. You guys were awesome as usual !! Thanks for making it a great anniversary getaway with all the shout outs to us !! Sarah knows how to get Mike on the dancefloor. Lol. Had a great time with our new friends !! Til we see you again !

Mister Party
08-18-2014 4:49:21 PM CST
You said it Rocky!! what a fantastic time. Hope Ron is feeling better. Don't know how we do it. But always seem to top our previous time spent with Passion. Always look forward to the next meeting to see what happens and who we meet. Take care everyone and see you next time.

08-17-2014 8:25:52 PM CST
Passion was hot this weekend and Sarah was off the charts!Wow what a show are we blessed or what?

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
08-11-2014 9:32:33 PM CST
I hope to see a lot of friends in Bowler this weekend;going to see the best band in the land! PASSIONcant wait!!!!!!!!!

Mister Party
07-08-2014 1:28:15 PM CST
Had a great time as always watching Passion perform. Got two surprises Sat. night. We left Campground with motor home and went down to Riverside Casino to stay there for the night. When we pulled in saw to rigs that looked familiar. Yup it was some of my relation on there way back home from there vacation in Colorado. Decided to swing in and see us and Passion. Number two surprise was when Ron got me up to sing my song. Wasn't expecting that. Thanks buddy. See you in Bowler.

06-18-2014 2:27:08 AM CST

06-17-2014 8:04:08 AM CST
We had a family reunion in Morton Minnestoa at Jackpot Junction over the June 6th weekend, this band was at the casino. We just happened to mozy down to the band area, best 2 hours we spent all weekend, this band is so entertaining and fun and decent!! They had everyone up and dancing and played for all ages, really mixed it up. AND we could talk while they played, not overwhelming so you had to scream. GREAT JOB Passion! You are my new favorite group :) Looking forward to seeing you in Iowa this fall.

Eric Bailey   buffalobillsfan03021970@yahoo.com
06-14-2014 9:53:20 PM CST
Just saw your performance at the Banana Split Festival here in Wilmington, Ohio. You guys outdid yourself. I didn't think nothing could top last years performance, but I was WRONG!!! The level of energy you had tonite was amazing. Wish you could kept playing longer. Hope you come back next year.

MR. Party
06-14-2014 1:26:26 PM CST

Heading to Riverside Iowa to see Passion the 3rd 4th and 5th of July. Wish campground was closer but will have to do. looks like it is about22 miles from casino. I guess my wife can't drink lol. O well we will work it out. Two more weeks come on time please fly!!

05-30-2014 2:54:00 AM CST
Another great holiday weekend w/ the best band I know! Thanks for the music PASSION. We love you guys and hope to see you again real soon.

05-16-2014 6:53:40 PM CST
411 miles from Brimley Mi to Racine Wis;Passion for New Years for 4 nights ;sounds like fun!

Tom and Donna
05-06-2014 12:41:32 PM CST
We had a wonderful time this last weekend at North Star casino in Bowler.Passion you were fantastic as usual, and to all of our friends we miss you already and can't wait to see you all the next time.

Rocky   rodtheilman@yahoo.com
04-30-2014 9:48:36 PM CST
Kevin;sorry to about your dad from what I read about him he was a great veteran and dad God bless him!Hope to see every one in Keshena,I cant make Bowler this weekend I just had surgery and Im recuperating hope to see you all soon!

Kevin Cummings
04-12-2014 6:05:33 AM CST
Thanks Ron dad loved that especially when Sarah did it see you down the road

Mike & Angie
04-07-2014 3:03:26 PM CST
Thank you for posting in memory of my Grandma. She really did enjoy listening to you play. The way you treat our family is unbelievable !! You guys are truly the best around !!!!

Uncle Larry
04-07-2014 10:43:11 AM CST
Thanks Rocky. See you at the Keshena I hope?

04-03-2014 1:34:38 PM CST
Larry and Becky I am so sorry to hear your Mom passed away;my condolences to your Family!

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